Master List of Raythe Reign’s Gay Romance Audiobooks

The Fall (Gay Historical Romance / Supernatural Novel)

Featuring new narrator Matt Haynes!

Gay romance is forbidden in this 1930s gothic romantic suspense story, but a greater darkness than prejudice haunts our lovers’ steps.

5 hours and 39 minutes.

When Carter Thomas discovers the elaborate clockwork door in the Dupre Mine, he seeks out Etienne Dupre, the sheltered son of the mine’s owner, for answers. Both young men have long secretly loved one another from afar. But even as their summertime love affair flames hot and forbidden, they discover secrets about Etienne’s heritage and the dark plan Armand Dupre has in store for his son..

Cursed Book Series (Gay Fairy Tale – Beauty & The Beast)

Nick Fairfax vows to do whatever Lord Bane Dunsaney desires for one year. In exchange, Nick’s family gets a chance to regain their fortune. Is this the worst mistake of Nick’s life, or will it lead to a love only found in fairy tales?

Read by in-demand voice actor Michael Pauley, the Cursed series will fill your ears with many hours of sexy, romantic M/M romance.

Cursed: Broken (Book 1)

8 hours and 47 minutes.

To save his family from poverty, aspiring photographer Nick Fairfax must intern with a cutthroat yet sensual billionaire, Lord Bane Dunsaney.  Nick glimpses the mysterious man’s tender side, but Bane’s deadly secret keeps them apart.


Cursed: Bound (Book 2)

11 hours and 5 minutes.

After Bane releases Nick from servitude, he leaves his home, afraid that the beast inside of him will harm Nick.  But Nick has chosen to stay at his estate, Moon Shadow, to await the return of the lord who has his heart.  But can lasting love survive when there are tiger-sized secrets between them?

Cursed: Beloved (Book 3)

9 hours and 16 minutes

Nick Fairfax believes that his romance with Lord Bane Dunsaney is over. Bane has chosen revenge against Nick’s family over his love for Nick. And Bane’s secret – that he is the guardian of a tiger spirit – has also caused a wedge between them with Nick still in the dark about Bane’s true nature. Can they overcome these seemingly insurmountable problems and find their happily ever after?

Cursed: Smoke (A Fun AU Side Story)

2 hours and 5 minutes

Nick Fairfax needs a sugar daddy to pay for his last year of art school. After being disinherited and kicked out of his house for pursuing his dream of becoming a photographer, Nick heads to the exclusive club, Smoke, where young men sell themselves to the highest bidder.

Nick gets in trouble with a man who won’t take “no” for an answer. Lord Bane Dunsaney comes to his rescue. But does the mysterious billionaire pose a greater danger to Nick than the one he saved him from?


The Merman Series (Gay Shifter Romance – Mermen)

The Merman series is 5 “short read” novellas that continue to be popular.  Gabriel, a human, meets Casillus, a Mer prince, who tells Gabriel that he only has a few days left to live on land before he becomes a merman like him.  Romance blooms between the two, but they must battle an evil professor on land before Gabriel can start his new life.

Read by well-known voice actor Chris Patton.

The Merman: Transformation (Book 1)

2 hours and 53 minutes.

Gabriel Braven’s destined love is a merman, Prince Casillus Nerion. The problem is, Gabriel doesn’t believe mermen are real.  And worse, Gabriel’s parents both drowned, so he has no love for the sea.

But the sea is Gabriel’s destiny in more ways than love.  Caught by high tide in a cave, Gabriel drowns, but does not die.  Casillus brings him to the surface, but tells Gabriel that he must leave the land and live in the sea.

For Gabriel is becoming a merman.


The Merman: Acceptance (Book 2)

2 hours and 38 minutes.

Gabriel struggles to accept the changes happening to his body.  Though his heart wants to believe in Casillus, his head tells him that the Mer do not exist.

But whether Gabriel believes or not, Casillus tells him a devastating fact: the Mer live forever, but unless Gabriel goes into the ocean with him in four days, Gabriel will die.

Can Gabriel open his heart to the merman that saved him? Can he believe Casillus’ words over their mental link that the Mer prince will never leave Gabriel? Or will he deny himself Casillus – and his true nature – until his last breath?


The Merman: Caller (Book 3)

3 hours and 23 minutes.

As Gabriel faces his last three days on land, a new problem arises. His grandmother’s lover, archaeology professor Johnson Tims, knows more than he should about Gabriel’s transformation.

Gabriel’s lifeline is his own lover, immortal Mer prince Casillus Nerion. Their loving mental connection eases Gabriel through his childhood fear of drowning.  Gabriel is even eager to get in the water… if it is to be in Casillus’ strong arms.

But Johnson is even more eager to lead Gabriel to an ancient temple that may have a tragic connection with the Mer. Not even Casillus can sustain him when Gabriel is plunged into visions of the terrible past between the Mer and the humans… but what Gabriel discovers about himself is even more shocking.


The Merman: Undersea (Book 4)

3 hours and 1 minute.

Becoming a merman brings Gabriel both great joy and great sadness. Though he must soon leave his human family, he wants to experience the beauty of Emralis, the Mer city, with his water-dwelling lover, Casillus.

But Gabriel is unusual, even for a Mer. As a rare Caller, his psychic gifts surprise even Casillus. Though they will enable him to speak mind-to-mind with his best friend Corey and Grandma G on land, they also draw him closer to Cthulhu, the alien entity whose presence means destruction and madness for the human race.

Gabriel’s time on land is running out, but he must stop Johnson Tims from exposing the Mers’ existence. And he is not at all sure he can hold Cthulhu back from protecting the ocean-dwelling race…and destroying the humans in the process.


The Merman: Landfall (Book 5)

5 hours and 35 minutes.

Gabriel has one day left joining his true love, Mer Prince Casillus Nerion, in Emralis. He wishes his greatest challenges were giving up making love on land, and telling his beloved grandmother that he is a merman. But ex-soldier Johnson Tims has other plans.

Twisted by exposure to the magical statute of the dread creature Cthulhu, Johnson intends to start a war with the Mers. He wants Gabriel to use his power as a Caller to bring Cthulhu itself to land, something that Gabriel has sworn never to do. If he does, everyone on the East Coast will die.

When Johnson takes the desperate measure of kidnapping Casillus, Corey, and their Miskatonic friends, Gabriel must come up with a plan to save both his loved ones and the entire Eastern Seaboard from death and insanity.

The Artifact / The Bodyguard Series (Gay Occult / Magic Romance Books)

Read by Chris Patton, whose light, vulnerable tenor voice really brings these characters to life, and Michael Pauley for book 2, the Sean to Chris’s Dane, and Matt Haynes for book 3, with his classic detective voice.


The Bodyguard (Book 1)

4 hours and 39 minutes.

Dane Gareis is a wealthy, reclusive young man with a traumatic past, but a spine of steel. When his father is killed in a mysterious plane crash, Dane carries on the family business and continues his passion for the very antiquity that got his father murdered – a golden sarcophagus belonging to an ancient cult known as the Ydrath.

Soon, the Ydrath threaten him as well, and Dane seeks to hire a bodyguard he can trust. Someone who can protect him, and someone who will respect his boundaries. While he gets the first two, the third requirement falls apart when he hires Sean Harding.

Sean Harding is an ex-detective with a sixth sense for danger. After his entire unit was murdered in a drug bust gone very wrong, he is a broken man who thinks only of revenge until he takes the job protecting the Gareis CEO.

Sean’s attraction to the vulnerable Dane gives him new purpose, but his past is not escaped so easily, and his sixth sense tells him that there is more to the Ydrath than even Dane knows.


The Bodyguard (Book 2)

7 hours and 15 minutes.

Dane Gareis thought that he would be broken forever – unable to be touched by any man after surviving a terrible assault. But everything changed the moment that Sean Harding became his bodyguard. Though now he faces more danger than ever with the evil Ydrath seeking his life, with Sean by his side and guarding his back he’s determined to no longer be ruled by fear.

Sean Harding believed he would always be haunted by the death of his old team on the police force by the mysterious Scarred Man. But now he is ruled by a passion to keep the beautiful and brilliant Dane Gareis safe from the Ydrath at all costs. His past, however, is not so easily escaped.

The danger he and Dane face is connected to the Powder that nearly took his life, but left him with inexplicable powers.


The Bodyguard (Book 3)

7 hours and 51 minutes.

The stars have aligned. But is that a sign that two lovers will save the world or that a dark god will rule it?

Time is running out for Dane, Sean, and the Circle to stop the cultists’ dark god from awakening. The cult leader is Michael Branish, Sean’s old boss and nemesis, who still wants to possess Sean in all ways. Branish’s claws dig deep into the city’s police department, and Sean and Dane’s small Circle is the only thing standing in the way of darkness descending.

As the danger grows, Sean and Dane find strength in their love for one another. Dane determines to shed the last remnants of trauma from his past. Memories of their former lives as Priest and Warrior awaken. Have they been reincarnated to face this great evil? Will their past knowledge be enough for them to succeed against impossible odds?



Birth Rite (Short Story / Horror)

2 hours and 17 minutes.

A world of sex, magic, and old gods awaits, and the LaMascares Mansion is the doorway….

Justin Devereaux has always been different, and not just in looks from his parents. His interests run to the magical and mysterious while theirs seem very pedestrian and small. The one thing that has always interested him and frightened them is the LaMascares Mansion. The mansion has sat long, seemingly empty and abandoned, but Justin feels someone in it watching over him.

Peren LaMascares has been trapped in the mansion on the hill for too many years to count. He needs a LaMascares’ heir to free him and bring about the family’s – and world’s – dark destiny. He finds that heir in the innocent, unsuspecting Justin.

Peren leads Justin into a world of sex, magic, and old gods. Will Justin abandon all the morals he’s ever had so that he can have the lust-filled passion that Peren offers forever?

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