Advertising & Privacy Policy

As you may know, RR has had a hell of a time with Google Adwords.  This is a shame, because it’s a simple, straightforward advertising platform and doesn’t require the use of tracking pixels.

But Adwords is full of prudes morally-righteous individuals and the ad-approvers usually reject our ads because they’re sex-positive and full of same-gender romance, unless we want to be completely misleading about the content.

So, we’re joining a different network.  This network requires that we install special tracking pixels on the website, probably because most of their advertisers use “remarketing.”

Remarketing means that the ads can follow you around, regardless of where you go online.  We’re not going to do this.  First of all, it sucks and is stalkerish, despite how profitable it may be to have some Raythe Reign Membership sale banner haunt you from November – January.

It’s also incredibly jarring to browse, say, a preschool crafts blog and see ads for a horror book just because you have Clive Barker books on your Amazon wishlist!  That is just plain weird, and not necessarily something you’d want your 4 year old to see.

For us, remarketing is not the way to go.

We also realize that we’re not Old Navy or Target.  There’s a very important difference!  We aren’t “adult” as in XXX, but we aren’t family-friendly either.  We fully realize that our ads may lead to embarrassment, and uncomfortable situations, or questions that you just don’t want to answer.

So, no.  Though we’re required to do the pixel install on the site, we’re not going to make our ads follow you around.  We’re going with old-fashioned 1999 style advertising where we simply take banners out on websites without this remarketing nonsense.

Things To Know…

  • We don’t know who you are, we don’t store or share your data.
  • If you’re afraid of cookies and tracking, you can browse “incognito” (Firefox and Google have incognito / private browsing mode.)  This helps, but it’s not perfect.  Any cookies you pick up from a private browsing session get deleted after you close the window.
  • You can also opt out of tracking/cookie advertising at (US) or (Europe.)

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