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Why Raythe Reign Exists

I’ve devoured the action-adventure stories of Robert E. Howard (Conan the Barbarian) and the lush, macabre stories of H.P. Lovecraft since I was a teen. As an adult, when I looked for gay, mature stories with the same intensity of winding, treacherous, hanging-on-by-the fingernails plots, there wasn’t much to choose from. Raythe Reign was born to fill that lack.

The stories on Raythe Reign incorporate the exotic lure of alternate worlds, an action-adventure adrenaline rush with intense m/m relationships.

Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Paranormal Stories With Gay Romance

Find worlds similar to our own, but where monsters and magic exist right around the corner. Meet fallen angels, shapeshifters, vampires, true heroes and even truer villains. Experience the powerful relationships between the two male leads as the story develops.

Though the stories trend dark, rest assured that our heroes save the day, the world… and each other.

Serial Entertainment

I thrive on creating high-tension stories and releasing chapters the instant they’re done. Fully-polished works are produced individually for sale on Amazon and elsewhere, but the heart of Raythe Reign is our real-time, serial subscription.

Raythe Reign is a modern version of those old Amazing Stories and Weird Tales magazines. Think of it like your favorite television show where you need to tune into the next episode to see what happens.
– Raythe

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