We are Raythe Reign.  We’ve been publishing online serial M/M stories since late 2010.

What kind of M/M romance?  Not cowboys and cops, but elves, demons, vampires, and mages… the stuff of writer Raythe’s wild, escapist imagination.

Raythe is the writer.  Her stories are serial and interactive.  She writes and publishes the stories chapter by chapter, and changes them according to your comments and ideas.  Here is a short video describing how it works:


You might be familiar with us already, especially if you’re from a fanfiction site.  We’ve been around for almost 8 years!

But what you don’t know is…

You can get your very first month of Raythe Reign for just $1.

It’s the only way you can really try us out risk-free.

Many people get hooked on one story, such as the dark, gothic world of Ever Dark.  But when it comes to signing up as a Member, you might wonder if…

  • You’ll like the other stories enough
  • You’ll enjoy the cliffhanger experience with every single chapter
  • How much you’ll actually use the site

But there’s no way to know the answers to these questions.  You just have to try it for yourself.

What do you get with a subscription?

1 Continuous Content

Every month, Raythe posts 12 chapters in updates to the current serial stories.  You know what these are in advance if you look at the monthly calendar.  There are between 4 and 7 serial stories (usually 5.)  They are all M/M and have some kind of magic or powers in them – whether it’s elves, dragon shifters, magic users, vampires, werewolves, or more…

There are manga pages posted in between chapters.  These are beautifully drawn by T. Wolv in a much higher quality than normal yaoi manga.  We allow our artists free schedule, which means that they can devote the time they want to these works of art.

2 Serial Archives & Catch-Up Chapters

Raythe archives every story, which means there are over 20 completed serials to catch up on… not to mention the current serials to catch up on.  Most of these serials are not just one novel in length, but 2 or 3… and in some cases, more.  Raythe tells epic-scale stories, as you can probably tell if you have tried Ever Dark…

3 Downloadable Books

Raythe’s main work is the serials, but she does put out some stand-alone books on Amazon and other places.  These are included in your Membership to download and keep.

That’s a summary of Raythe Reign on a single page!  We’ve been around since 2010 and have over 1500 Members (and more readers on Amazon etc.)  Our goal has always been to give you fun, dramatic, sexy M/M stories that you can become a part of while they’re being told.

Wanna try us out for $1?  Look below for the instructions.

How can you get the $1 first month?

If you’ve never had an account with us, you can use this coupon code – DGQ9IUZ3  – when you sign up.  You’ll automatically get 90% off the first month.

We take PayPal and Stripe, and both come with their own consumer protections.  We also have our own tech support person if you’re having trouble.


What if you decide that a Raythe Reign Membership isn’t for you?  Relax – you don’t have to do any shady cancellation procedures, like giving 30 days of notice or even talk to us in person.  We’re not a gym!  You can just… cancel your own account yourself.  Anytime you want.  That’s it.

And, if anything bad happens, you can always contact Jeremy, our tech support guy, who will help straighten things out.

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