Hot werewolves, beautiful vampires, badass ghost hunters, intense M/M romance…

If this is what you like, you’ve come to the right place!  Since 2010, we’ve been putting out pure escapist M/M stories set in “other worlds.”

Some are darker, some have more humor, but all of them have imaginary settings, beautiful heroes, a roller coaster of tension and release, and hot sexy scenes.

What to expect from a Raythe Reign story…

Sex & story, nothing held back.

We want to entertain on all levels and always include three things: a tension-filled winding plot, a romantic happy ending, and hot scenes that don’t “fade to black.”  Our readers want it all, and so do we!  What we like is the combination of story and sex — just like the best adult fan fiction.

Plot, character, story, and sex.

Membership Info.

Raythe Reign is a serial site with between 5 and 7 stories updating regularly.  Every month, Raythe writes 14 full chapters distributed evenly among the current stories.

Most of our stories, current and completed, are for Members only.  The completed ones are in our archive — over 16 novel or trilogy length stories to enjoy.  Current stories are updated according to a set monthly schedule.  Members get to access chapters the instant they’re up on the site, and only they have the ability to leave comments and receive Raythe’s responses.

More about our Membership.


It’s hard for us to describe how huge the Raythe Reign community has been, both for our Members and for us, the team.  It has been a true partnership from the beginning.

Having our Members participate in the stories with comments and suggestions is not just fun, it makes you a priority in our lives… especially when we’re designing the next Raythe Reign experience to enjoy.

Is Raythe Reign for you?

If you’re ready to jump in with both feet…

join us and start reading and participating now!

Not sure yet? There are ways to try us out before you commit to a Membership.

Here’s how to try before you buy.

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A modern M/M retelling of Beauty & The Beast where  a reclusive tiger shapeshifter meets a ruthless business family’s sensitive, artistic youngest son.

To protect his remaining family, human Alex Bryant seek help from the charismatic — but fragile — leader of the underground society of vampires in his new hometown.


In exchange for sanctuary in Neo-Tokyo, Tristan Price is sold into service to a mysterious, handsome yakuza heir. The clan values his status as a survivor of Ghost, a mysterious killer disease of possibly supernatural origins.

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